Fall Issue of Colorado Avid Golfer

I had the opportunity last month to photograph Dick Lyford of the Colorado Senior Golfers Association, holding the trophy that bears his name.  Thanks to Dana, the AD at Avid Golfer, for the chance to look around the Denver Country Club.

Dick Lyford for Colorado Avid Golfer

There are a couple more photos from the shoot including a set up shot after the jump.

The lighting that morning was a bit difficult, we were set up on a nice rock bridge with good overlook. However I had some tough shadows to work with from a nearby tree, so I decided to use the Alien Bee 1600 at full power with a large softbox to help give me a more even lighting, and to drop the exposure on the background a little bit. The second light is an Alien Bee 800 with a grid spot that is throwing a bit of fill light on the first two images, and a small rim light on the second.

Setup Shot - I used two lights for the photos, an Alien Bee 1600 with a large softbox, and an AB 800 with a 20 degree grid spot. It was all powered by the vagabond battery pack.


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