Dr. Friesen for Colorado Biz

I just got a copy of this month’s Colorado Biz magazine, which features some images of mine, from a story about the digitization of health care records at Kaiser Permanente in Lakewood, CO. Also, I just finished the top company awards photos for Colorado Biz magazine, so I’ll have lots of photos along with some behind the scenes shots coming up next month.

Click below to see a set up shot along with some lighting info….

I photographed Dr. Friesen in a small patient room with her computer showing the new electronic records systems at Kaiser. Photographing people behind computer screens is never the most exciting job, because it usually consists of many different challenges. First and always the cluttered desks, it is basically a given that any desk with a computer on it, is going to have lots of clutter to go along with it. For the portrait we removed lots of clutter, and it still looks pretty cluttered in the background. Computer monitors are also pretty hard to get to show up correctly, so it took some fine tuning of the light and exposure to the monitor to come out just the way I needed it to. I used a quantum q-flash with a medium softbox almost 90 degrees camera right and shot from outside the door so I could use a long lens, and I triggered the flash with pocket wizards. All in all it isn’t the most exiting shot, but I did my best to make it a clean portrait that showed both Dr. Friesen, and the computer system which the article focuses on.

I used a Quantum Q-Flash with a medium softbox since we were shooting in such a small room.


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    […] Colorado Medical Group. Coincidentally, I had photographed Dr. Friesen about a year earlier for Colorado Biz magazine. So, the AD and I knew going into this we wanted to something a bit different and away from the […]

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