The Great Escape

So I am finally done with school for the semester, and playing catch up on some editing and posts, now that finals are over. For those of you who read this and don’t know, in addition to my photography work, I am attending Metro State College of Denver getting a B.A. in communication design.  Just trying to widen my scope, and expand the job opportunities in the creative field.

I did this photo with a couple of friends as a start to a series of “crime” based photos. This was just the first photo to get the series started, and I’ll be posting a series of images of a car theft here in the next few days.

A neighbor chases two would-be robbers away from his house with a knife

To view a couple of set up photos and how I shot this you can click the red link for:

The image above was lit with three lights, an alien bee 1600 with an octabox to the left above John, an AB 800 with a 20 degree grid spot, and a Canon 580ex with a CTO gel. Obviously using photoshop, I edited out the chair that we used to help john jump over the fence consistently right where I needed him.

John again here acting as the second would-be robber runs another direction away from the door. Since this was again just a test shoot in a way, and because I didn’t have more people available, I just used John twice, with a light clothing change. Not perfect, but you work with what you got. This one lit with the same lights as above, just moved around.


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