Car Theft

As I mentioned in my last post I did a short series of images on the theme of crime, this is involves a car theft. I am hoping to do some more of these short series photos. It was especially fun doing the third shot with the car, so I am certainly going to be trying to refine this technique a bit. On a side note to myself, always, always, wash the car before doing a photo shoot. This is the second time I’ve done a shoot with my car, and I always fail to wash it, and it shows up bit time. So certainly some things to improve on, but I had fun doing it, and big thanks to my friend John, the car thief.

To view a couple of set up photos and how I shot this you can click the red link for:

Due to some bad planning on my part, my second camera didn't get charged, so I had to shoot the set up shots with my phone, so excuse the lack of quality. Anyways, I did most of these shots as I did the image in the previous post. I would photograph and light multiple elements of each photograph separately, and then in post combine them to help create a more compelling image. Specifically for the 3rd image with John driving the car with the cops in pursuit. Using a suction-cup clamp and some gaffers tape, I secured the my Canon 5d with a 16-35mm lens to the front of the car. (the set up pictures show it with an 85mm lens, I had already changed lens). We photographed the car driving down a couple of local streets and then parked in parking lot. I then photographed John in the car with the police lights behind him. The police lights are simply two small flashes with blue and red gels over them, and I used an alien bee 800 with a medium softbox w/ a grid to light John from the front, as you can see below.


One comment on “Car Theft

  1. Hillary
    April 29, 2011 at 12:42 am #

    Sam your work is soo amazing. I swear if I ever get married you’re the only photographer I’d like. But if you ever come back to abq and do any shoots, can i follow you a long to see how you work? Plz and thank you!
    Hope all is well and having fun in denver have a good day!

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