Al White for CoBiz Magazine

Last month I photographed the director of the Colorado Office of Tourism for Colorado Biz magazine. We photographed Mr. White downtown just outside his office near the state capitol building. Formerly a state senator Mr. White as appointed as director by the new Colorado governor Mr. Hickenlooper. Here is the final layout from the magazine:

Al White for the April Issue of CoBiz

Click to see a few other selects from the shoot, some lighting info, as well as another tearsheet from another assignment for CoBiz.

Al White with the Co. State Capitol building in the background

Both the shots here and the published image were lit with an Alien Bee 1600 w/ a large softbox powered by a vagabond battery pack. It was nice having some overcast skies to work with, it made it very easy to overpower the ambient light and drop the background down a bit.

Lastly, here is another image from a quick shoot for CoBiz’s golf guide. I shot images at a local school with students in their PE golf class. I wish I had a golf class like this in elementary school.


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