Lost & Found Pt. 1 – Granada, Spain

So, I am sitting here at my computer on a somewhat rainy afternoon looking through the deep abyss of folders that make up my achieve currently. Every now and again I like to dive into my old files and see what I find. As I browse folder by folder I see a lot of images, few of which have ever been shared, so in an effort to show some photos that have been in hiding in hard-drives I am starting a lost and found collection. These will hopefully we weekly posts with collections of 2-3 images from a shoots of mine in the past. I’ll also continue to update with recent work as well, but why keep so many images hidden?

So for this first update to this collection is a group of photos from my trip to Europe back in July of 2008 with good friends of mine Dorian and Audrey. Our first stop was Granada, Spain where Audrey had been studying abroad for a few months. Walking around the narrow streets of Granada was one my first experiences overseas and it really felt like another world.

Granada, Spain at night

Granada Hillsides

Narrow passage at the Alhambra


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