Lost & Found Pt. 2 | Kelly Bolton

This week’s lost & found images are from back in Sept. 2006 with Kelly Bolton in Santa Monica, CA. I had only talked to Kelly on the phone once before this shoot, so it was interesting getting to just meet a new rider and then shoot right away, but Kelly was right on point and nailed everything. Which was great, because I remember I was on a bad streak of shooting with riders who would get injured during the shoot, so I was happy there was no broken bones in the process.

Kelly tucked going into a corner pocket.

Huge fence stall out of a 6ft bowl.

The image below of Kelly flairing out of the street quarter pipe is the only image what was published, which ran as an ad for Eastern Bikes in Ride UK. The other images which were shot as a part web-magazine project that I was working on at the time  were never published.

Kelly flairing a street quarter pipe at night.

I am still bothered to this day with the light appearing through Kelly’s head during the flair due to the long shutter drag. I have other images with him just carving the wall, but the flair is just too good to let the light totally ruin the image.


One comment on “Lost & Found Pt. 2 | Kelly Bolton

  1. namitalad
    January 15, 2012 at 3:03 am #

    that’s awesome

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