Micheline Casey for Information Management magazine

A couple months ago I did some business portraits with Micheline Casey, a Senior Information Strategy Consultant at U.S. Department of Energy, who was picked as one of Information Management magazine’s Top 25 this year. I photographed Micheline in front of Colorado’s capitol building,  where she had worked for the State of Colorado previously. The forecast for the day had called for pretty heavy showers, but since it is Denver, it never happened. So we lucked out a bit and had some great sunlight in the morning to work with, and not a drop of rain in sight.

Micheline Casey

Micheline Casey w/ downtown Denver

To view the final layout and a set up shot, click to read


Information Management - Cover

Information Management - Inside

Alien Been 1600 w/ large softbox

The lighting set up for all the photos was the same, one Alien Bee 1600 w/ a large softbox powered by a vagabond battery pack and triggered with pocket wizards. I used a Canon Mk IIn with a 70-200mm lens for most of the shots. The AB 1600 is nice because it puts out enough just light that you can over power the sun and drop the ambient light a bit, even through a large softbox. I was also lucky enough to have direct sunlight directly behind/over Micheline so I was able to use that as my hair light instead of a second light.


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