Month: July 2011

10 Tips for BMX Photography

When I first started with photography, it was about one thing – BMX. An avid BMX rider myself, all I wanted to do was take pictures that would give the average person an idea about the action and lifestyle of a BMX rider. Now, 7 years down the road, I have a bit more experience and insight behind shooting BMX.  I am sharing what I consider to be 10 important tips for photographing BMX and the lifestyle that surrounds this great sport.

Cameron White | Steven Murray's Dirt Jam | Riverside, CA

I wrote these 10 tips as a base guide for the many people who have written in the past with interest in BMX photography. The first three tips are relatively fundamental and basic to photography in general, the last 6 are a bit more specific to BMX photography. I hope these tips are helpful to many of you and, if your interested in seeing more of my BMX photography and the many other different types of photographs I take please visit my main website.

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Denver Storms and Traffic

A couple days ago I shot some images over Interstate 25 here in Denver. I’ve had this shot in my head for a little while now, I was always really intrigued by the number of ramps and different directions of traffic in this area. It was a tough spot to shoot, the entire bridge is lined with thick heavy fencing, which prevented me from getting the shot directly over I-25, but I found a small opening, just wide enough for my lens to fit through so I could get a couple of nice wide angle shots. The pano is two images stitched together in photomerge. Immediately after I shot those last two images I packed up my bag and headed back to the car, not before being completely dumped on and soaked from the passing storm. It’s a good thing Lowe Pro’s backpacks are pretty damn rain resistant.

A late evening thunderstorm rolls through the metro area.

Evening Traffic


Lost & Found Pt. 3 | BMX Pool Photography

Digging through the hard drives again this weekend, and I found this image from February of 2006. I shot it up in the hills above Malibu, CA during an afternoon pool session. From what I was told the pool broke off its foundation during the 94′ Northridge quake in L.A.. Not far from this pool (which I believe both are now gone) is the Voodoo Pool, which I shot several photos at including one that ran as a 2-page spread in Ride BMX magazine. The location of the pools in Malibu were nothing short of amazing, but all the pools were accompanied by houses at some point. Those houses were all destroyed by different natural disasters over the years leaving the owners to abandon the property and leave only the foundations and the pools behind. Something tells me that those hills weren’t meant to have houses built that high up.

Broken Pool | Malibu, CA | Feb. 2006

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