Lost & Found Pt. 3 | BMX Pool Photography

Digging through the hard drives again this weekend, and I found this image from February of 2006. I shot it up in the hills above Malibu, CA during an afternoon pool session. From what I was told the pool broke off its foundation during the 94′ Northridge quake in L.A.. Not far from this pool (which I believe both are now gone) is the Voodoo Pool, which I shot several photos at including one that ran as a 2-page spread in Ride BMX magazine. The location of the pools in Malibu were nothing short of amazing, but all the pools were accompanied by houses at some point. Those houses were all destroyed by different natural disasters over the years leaving the owners to abandon the property and leave only the foundations and the pools behind. Something tells me that those hills weren’t meant to have houses built that high up.

Broken Pool | Malibu, CA | Feb. 2006


One comment on “Lost & Found Pt. 3 | BMX Pool Photography

  1. Ed Salter
    July 7, 2011 at 4:24 am #

    Pool look super fun, great shot

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