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Bicycling Mag. & Lighting

So, among the many things I’ve been busy with this past few months, is a few assignments for Bicycling magazine. I’ve had a lot of fun with these past few jobs, and although I can’t yet share the images from the shoots (the images will be posted after they’ve been published this coming spring), I thought I would share a quick little bit about what I’ve been using to light some of the shots. These past few assignments I have been covering cycling events, instead of doing a portrait or more posed type shot. So my goal has been to travel light, but yet still have enough lighting equipment with me to compete with the strong day light. I used natural light for the majority of the shots, but I do like to have lighting equipment with me when I need it, to really make some of the images pop.

I used an Alien Bee 1600 strobe powered by the Vagabond Mini, and triggered with Pocket Wizards. The new Vagabond Mini, is a life saver when it comes to its weight and versatility, especially compared to its predecessor. I pack all of this into a Domke J-2 bag, which fits the strobe, battery, and cords perfectly. Also, instead of using a light stand for the strobe, I just attach it to a tripod because it can be adjusted much better for rough and uneven terrain. While carrying all this around with my two cameras and lenses may not be considered traveling “light” by some, it does give me a lot of flash power, mobility, and options compared to just carrying around a small speed light.


Colorado Biz Magazine’s Top Company Awards Photographs

I finally got a hold of some of the pages from the November issue of Colorado Biz magazine, which featured my business portraits of this years Top Company Awards winners. This was my third year shooting the assignment. It’s always a good assignment and it’s fun getting to meet some of Denver’s brightest and elite business members. You can see last years images here if you are curious – 2010 Top Companies. Otherwise, be sure to click below to see all of this years images.

Colorado Biz Top Company | Business Portraits

Click on the link to see all the images from this years issue. Read More


Dr. Deb Friesen portrait for Health Data Management magazine

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to do some photographs of Dr. Deb Friesen of the Kaiser Permanente’s Colorado Medical Group. Coincidentally, I had photographed Dr. Friesen about a year earlier for Colorado Biz magazine. So, the AD and I knew going into this we wanted to something a bit different and away from the computer like last time, even through the computers / IT were a major component of the story. We did a few photos with Dr. Friesen with a white backdrop and then a few just on location in the halls of her offices. As with most business/health portraits we are working on a pretty tight schedule, and only had Dr. Friesen for about 20 minutes. So, it was definitely a big help to have my assistant Justin around, so thanks to him.

Dr. Friesen for Health Data Management magazine

They decided to run the image above as a two page spread, as well as an image on the table of contents. To see a couple more images from the shoot click for Read More

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